ASLA Advocacy Day Comes to Capitol Hill This Week

National Golf Day on May 1 – a time for the golf industry to swarm Capitol Hill and raise awareness with lawmakers about golf’s contributions to the industry and the ways they can help it grow – was just the beginning. Later that week, the American Society of Landscape Architects present ASLA Advocacy Day, with landscape architects working to help their elected officials understand their needs.

This year’s theme is “Landscape Architects and the Art of Infrastructure.” ASLA notes, “The 116th Congress appears ready to address our nation’s failing infrastructure. Landscape architects have the education, training, and skills to design more functional multimodal transportation corridors, water management systems, and parks and recreational spaces. Landscape architects have mastered the art of infrastructure, and now is the time for the profession to educate policy makers and lead the country in creating more functional, resilient, and equally accessible systems.”

Among this year’s talking points are

Recognizing Parks as Critical Infrastructure

Designing Clean Water Infrastructure

Upgrading to a Multimodal Transportation Network

ASLA Advocacy Day will be held on Thursday, May 2. Information is available at this link.

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