The New Tennis Courts Book: It’s HERE!

ASBA has announced the publication of the 9th edition of Tennis Courts: A Construction and Maintenance Manual. Copies of the new edition of the book are available now and will cost $44.95 each.

The 2018 edition, published jointly by the ASBA and the U.S. Tennis Association, includes key updates to many areas of court construction and maintenance, including post-tension concrete tennis courts, LED lighting, 36- and 60-foot courts, and much more.

One key improvement is the addition of an interactive linkable pdf version, available at the same cost as the hard copy of the publication.

“The pdf allows users to search by key words or to link through the table of contents to specific chapters. It is much more user-friendly than past electronic versions,” said Fred Stringfellow, CAE, executive director of ASBA. “We’re really excited about this new user interface.”

The manual includes user-friendly technical information on all aspects of courts at all types of tennis facilities and clubs, including design, budgeting and planning, site requirements, drainage, surface selection, construction, maintenance, repair, amenities, accessories, court-building grant information, and more.

A panel of tennis court construction experts updated the manual from the 2015 edition, and it is considered an invaluable resource for anyone planning, building or considering a tennis facility, in addition to providing key information on maintenance, repair and renovation. Original drawings and photos from jobsites help illustrate construction, renovation and maintenance methods.

The book is a key resource for all builders, design professionals, specifiers, contractors, suppliers, and owners/users, including schools, colleges, parks and recreation departments, club owners and managers, and current and prospective owners of residential tennis courts.

Books can be ordered by contacting the Association directly at 866-501-ASBA (2722), or by going to the website, The Tennis Courts manual also is available in an interactive pdf format.

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