Pickleball’s Next Growth Sector: Youth

Much has been made of the fact that pickleball is wildly popular among the Baby Boomer generation, whose joints have taken a beating after years of tennis and racquetball. But USAPA wants to grow its game at the youth level as well.

Exhibit A: USAPA’s recent announcement that The Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) has added pickleball has been added as one of its official sports, and that and recreational pickleball play opportunities will soon be offered through their U.S. districts.

As an extension of AAU pickleball programs, USAPA and AAU have formed an official alliance and are working  together on co-branded recreational pickleball leagues and tournament designed to grow the game among junior and adult players.  A special $5.00 USAPA “recreational membership” will be available through the AAU pickleball website.  Full information is available by clicking here.

“USAPA has done an exceptional job building their adult membership base across the country and making pickleball one of the fastest growing sports in America,” said Dr. Roger J. Goudy, president and CEO of the AAU. “This strategic alliance allows us to utilize our combined expertise and resources to provide athletes of all ages with first-class competition experiences in the sport of pickleball.”

ASBA has already seen the skyrocketing popularity of its publication, Pickleball Courts: A Construction and Maintenance Manual, and with the AAU’s involvement, we can expect to see an increased demand for pickleball courts at the youth level. Builders who haven’t yet familiarized themselves with the publication can order it here.

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