ASLA Joins Real Estate Industry Collaboration to Fill Talent Pipeline

Here’s something design professionals should know: the ASLA has released news of its collaboration with 28 real estate-related organizations, with the intention of showcasing landscape architecture as a good career choice.

The collaboration highlights landscape architecture and other diverse career paths within the real estate sector. The 29 organizations (find a full list here), collectively representing more than 10 million jobs, produced their first joint initiative, a new website entitled Careers Building Communities (, which allows visitors to navigate through the various career paths across all sectors of real estate.

According to ASLA, it will provide an interactive quiz and allow students in high school, college, technical programs and community colleges to learn about career opportunities.

Landscape architecture is described as a creative, diverse profession that combines art, science and technology to design, plan and manage our land and communities. The website provides a brief overview of the profession as well as links to ASLA’s career discovery website, virtual reality (VR) video of Klyde Warren Park in Dallas and Your Land magazine, a special print supplement introducing the profession of landscape architecture to students from grade school through high school.

This may be an excellent opportunity for ASBA as well. After all, the news comes hard on the heels of its Residential Landscape Architecture Trends Survey (which listed pickleball courts, bocce courts and basketball courts as some of the top outdoor recreation amenities). Involving former high school and college athletes in the world of sports facility design and construction (as well as design and manufacturing of products used in conjunction with these facilities) could be yet another promising avenue – and a great way of getting the word out about our industry.

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