ASBA Awards: Deadline is a Week Away!

We know – if it weren’t for the last minute, nothing would get done.  June 1 s ASBA’s awards deadline, meaning you have a very short time to submit that project you are so proud of.

New this year are categories including Pickleball Courts (Indoor, Outdoor and Residential varieties, just as with tennis courts),   Courts & Rec Multipurpose Field House, Courts & Rec Multipurpose Gymnasium and Courts & Rec Multipurpose Fitness & Wellness Facility.

Applications are posted to the member only section of the website and everything can be done electronically, meaning you still have a chance to enter – no mailing needed.

The detailed instructions are posted to the member only section along with the links to the forms you’ll need to complete the application(s).

Here are some quick tips:

  • Upload both the General Application & Specific Application
  • Upload release forms
  • Provide link for online photo gallery in the required field on the website as explained
  • Upload scaled .pdf construction drawings
  • Submit payment of $200.00 for each project submitted

You need to upload everything for each application at once (when you are finished with all the forms).

Not sure how to do it? Watch the Awards 101 Webinar Recording!

Just remember: Deadline I in less than a week! Don’t miss your chance!

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