Tornado Leaves Its Mark on Jacksonville State Athletic Facilities

While the Northeast was shoveling snow this spring, the Southeast was coping with its own problems, including high winds and tornadoes. Jacksonville State University in Alabama was hit particularly hard and the storm left a mark on the athletic facilities there. (The tornado, an EF-3, was packing winds up to 135 miles per hour, so it’s no surprise the

In a press release put out by the Gamecocks Athletic Department, A.D. Greg Seitz posted photos of the damage, including Pete Mathews Coliseum (home to JSU basketball and volleyball) which took a huge hit that caused extensive roof damage and flooding of the playing surface, lower levels and upstairs offices.

University Field, home to JSU softball, was also damaged when heavy winds blew down a light tower which then fell across the team’s batting cages and outfield fences. A power pole snapped by the gusts also caused damage to the stadium’s backstop. The JSU Soccer Field and JSU Tennis Courts suffered a downed fence.

There was some good news: the track & field facility, rifle range, Burgess-Snow Field and Rudy Abbott Field received little to no damage, although the presence of fallen trees around and near these structures will need to be removed.

The bottom line and the best news of all: nobody on campus was injured, since the school was on spring break.

If any of our members will be working on these structures, or helping the campus get their sports facilities back up and running, ASBA would love to hear about it! Send us the story! You can e-mail it to

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