News of Note for Design Professionals: Here’s a Chance to Make an Impression on Social Media

The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) celebrates World Landscape Architecture Month this April. It’s a social media celebration – and we want our design professional members to be a part of it.

ASLA is asking design professionals around the world to share their favorite designed spaces on social media with a note that reads “This Is Landscape Architecture” with the hashtag of #WLAM2018. The ASLA Twitter Handle to use is @landarchitects. These posts aim to help the public connect the term landscape architecture to the work of landscape architects that surrounds them.

So here is ASBA’s challenge: We’d like to see ALL the members of our Professional Division participate in this! We want to let it be known that design professionals have a HUGE role in great sports facilities. Post a picture of your project on social media, use the words “This Is Landscape Architecture” and the hashtag of #WLAM2018. Make sure you tag ASLA at @landarchitects. For good measure, please tag ASBA at its Twitter handle of @SportsBuilders (Not following ASBA on Twitter! Make sure you do!)

Let’s get the word out on the importance of design professionals and how much they contribute to great sports facility construction. The campaign starts on the first day of World Landscape Architecture Month, April 1.

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