ASBA Needs Photos of Basketball Courts, Volleyball Courts, Pickleball… Well, You Get the Picture

As ASBA’s membership continues to diversify, the Courts & Recreation Division is becoming increasingly visible. Already, magazines are asking for articles on court care – and we need some photos to illustrate them.

If your company has worked on courts and recreational facilities (outside of tennis, track and fields), we invite you to share some pictures with us. Only a few requests:

Photos need to be high-resolution: This means a minimum of 500K to 1 MB in size (larger is OK, too)

Great choices are shots we don’t have right now: Those include:

Basketball courts (we have great indoor shots but very few outdoor shots, so any outdoor shots would be appreciated)

Volleyball courts (outdoor courts, both hard surface and sand surface)

Playgrounds (outdoor)

Pickleball: We have an awards category for pickleball but we’re still a little light on photos. Whatever you have would be great

Outdoor inline hockey facilities: We don’t have any and we do get asked for photos

Futsal: It’s an indoor sport but we lack photos of facilities

Any high-resolution photos can be sent to Mary Helen Sprecher at (note the new address). If you require a file-sharing system to send several large photos at once, please let Mary Helen know via e-mail so she can set you up with a Dropbox link.

Thanks again! We look forward to seeing your photos. Remember that as our Courts and Recreation Division grows, these photos will be more important than ever!

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