FIFA Releases Video on Importance of Field Recycling

In the U.S., the issue of field recycling has been studied intently; in fact, it is heavily studied in the ASBA publication, Sports Fields: A Construction and Maintenance Manual. (To order a copy, go here.)

But it seems, even the highest levels of sports are starting to catch on and spread the word. The proof: a video about FIFA recycling its fields. Watch it here.

The soccer world first became aware of the FIFA effort back in March of 2017, when the governing body of soccer published a study, Environmental Impact Study on Artificial Football Turf, (a copy of it can be accessed here).

Recently, when FIFA renovated its playing facilities, 99 percent of components of the fields were recycled. In its video, which touched upon highlights of the research, FIFA officials noted that for every field recycled, 400 tons of carbon dioxide emissions were eliminated.

The video also touched upon the means of recycling and discussed the use of various field components. Some materials were recycled and some were downcycled. For example, sand removed from turf could, if not reused in fields, be repurposed for grout, sandblasting and more.

While FIFA is making efforts to publicize the video widely, awareness needs to be raised stateside. And that means trying to continue efforts to make the public aware that synthetic fields are not only harmless (still a struggle since so many remain uninformed) but better for the environment than many might understand.

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