ASLA Business Survey Has Some Good News for Landscape Architecture Firms

Some good news for the Professional Division: a survey shows positive conditions for landscape architects in 2017.

The latest American Society of Landscape Architects Business Quarterly survey shows that 85.7 percent of responding firms reported stable to significantly higher billable hours for the third quarter of the year, about the same as the 85.1 percent from the previous quarter. This result is better than what had been reported during the third quarter of 2016 (78.4 percent) – although within the range of previous years.

New business also seems to be on the uptick. About 82 percent of respondents said they thought inquiries for new work were stable to significantly higher during the third quarter of 2017. The survey also found that year to year, some 84.2 percent of firms said that billable hours were stable to significantly higher—higher than what had been reported for the third quarters of 2016 (80.4 percent), 2015 (81.3 percent), 2014 (82.4 percent) and 2013 (80 percent).

There were a few things to temper this optimism, however; fewer than half of the smaller responding firms said they planned to hire during the fourth quarter of 2017 – which is down a bit from the previous survey. Among larger firms, about 66 percent said they plan to hire either an experienced landscape architect or an entry-level landscape architect.

For a detailed look at the survey and at all questions, click here.

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