Another Day, Another New Study Proving Synthetic Turf is Safe

The sports facility design, construction and supply world has long known synthetic turf was safe, but the publication of yet another report may help bolster the cause further.

According to an article in Athletic Business,

The study, which appeared in the journal Environmental Research, evaluated all available date in North American on the chemical composition of recycled rubber, as well as air sampling data collected on or near synthetic turf fields. Researchers evaluated ingestion, dermal contact, and inhalation pathways according to guidelines set by the EPA, and the study also took into account exposure scenarios for adults, adolescents, and children.

And once again, no risk was found.

The study notes that this research adds “to the growing body of literature that suggests recycled rubber infill in synthetic turf poses negligible risks to human health. This comprehensive assessment provides data that allow stakeholders to make informed decisions about installing and using these fields.”

While the study may not entirely kill the debate (there will always be alarmists and those who want to believe the worst of every situation), the new data can help put field owners’ minds at ease and provide better support for the argument to continue using synthetic turf.

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