When Someone Doesn’t “Build It Right”

While ASBA’s philosophy of “Build It Right” needs no explanation to our members, sometimes the general public needs to be reminded of the importance of working with a qualified builder who understands sports facilities.

Tom Magner of California Sports Surfaces spotted this article in a local paper. The Reader’s Digest version goes like this:

Two newly-opened tennis courts at the $3.55 million Sweet Hollow Park in Mellville, New York, were found to have a be few feet short. More than a few, actually. Rather than having a distance of 21 feet behind the baseline prior to the fence, the courts have only 10 feet clearance.

As a side note: Yikes.

Already, players have complained about the courts.

“It’s a terrible danger,” said local resident Ron Landman, who has been playing tennis for nearly 40 years. “If you are running for a shot, you are running way, way behind the baseline and it’s far, far less than it should be. Someone could be seriously hurt.”

The park is already planning reconstruction, but it has elected not to close the courts in the meantime. And in the way of many municipal projects, it may be some time until the courts are properly rebuilt.

ASBA thanks Tom Magner for bringing this article to its attention. Let’s hope the incident serves as a wake-up call to those who might not have thought to check into ascertaining whether any sports projects are in compliance with the rules and specifications for the facility.

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