The Olympics in Our Backyard

The question of who will host the 2024 Olympics is still raging. It’s nice, therefore, to be able to turn our sights inward and find out about an enormous sports festival much closer to home: the State Games of America, to take place between August 3-6, in Michigan.

The State Games of America is a biennial Olympic-style event featuring competition between State Games medal winners (gold, silver, and bronze) from the 30 states who conduct or organize statewide sports festivals known as State Games. (Not all states do, but you can check and see whether yours does by going here and looking at the map.)

All told, 25,000 athletes will be journeying into Michigan (coming from a total of 47 states, plus D.C. and Canada) to compete in 48 separate sports. The sports are not only tried and true (baseball, cycling and running events, for example) but some you might not expect – cricket, pickleball and beach wrestling.

And all that requires a huge number of facilities – and here they are. So the question facing ASBA’s members is this: did you work on any of the facilities being used in the State Games of America, currently being presented in Michigan? If so, which one(s) did you work on? What did you do – and when? Let us know by e-mailing our blogger at so that we can develop an article for Newsline!

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