Coming Soon: ASBA’s New Pickleball Manual

What’s new at ASBA? What’s coming soon? Here’s the answer to both questions: a technical publication that will detail the design, construction and other aspects of pickleball courts.

The ASBA has long stayed at the forefront of sports design, construction and more, in the interest of safety, adhering to the rules of national governing bodies and giving athletes a positive and safe experience by promoting good practices and standards. This book, like that of the Tennis Courts, Running Tracks, Sports Fields or Indoor Facilities publications, is even more proof of ASBA’s commitment to those ideals.

Last year, ASBA, seeing a lack of information in the industry, assembled special joint editorial board that immediately went to work on a manual addressing the construction and maintenance of pickleball courts and facilities.

Why? It’s easy to see. Pickleball is one of the fastest-growing sports in the United States. In fact, the US OPEN Pickleball Championships presented its inaugural event in 2016, and immediately was overwhelmed with interest, spectators, vendors, media attention and more. Expect the 2017 version of the event to be even bigger and better.

The pickleball manual is hotly anticipated to be one of the Association’s most popular publications. The sport’s growth is outpacing that of many other sports – and it is already one of the most well-attended and competitive sports at the National Senior Games level. In fact, its smaller courts and different rules are welcoming in a lot of players with shoulder, hip and other injuries derived from years of bounding across courts for other racquet sports.

The book is written by a group that includes both ASBA members and representatives of the USA Pickleball Association. It will include information on not just construction and maintenance but considerations for spectators, physically challenged players and more.

Keep an eye out for the announcement of the new manual – it’s coming soon and it’s guaranteed to be popular!

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