The Most Expensive High School Stadium Ever? Maybe…

Back in May 2016, an ASBA blog discussed the fact that a 12,000-seat stadium being built adjacent to McKinney North High School would be the most expensive high school stadium in history, coming in at $62.8 million.

But if records were made to be broken, this one served its purpose. It turns out that the forthcoming stadium for Katy High (also in Texas) which recently earned national attention for its initial $58 million price tag, will cost quite a bit more than that.

USA TODAY kept up with the developments, noting, “As reported by the Houston Chronicle, Katy’s to-be-named new stadium (they’re currently searching for a naming rights partner) will now run a total cost of approximately $70.3 million. The upcharges come via a combination of “stadium-related charges”, per the Chronicle, and have added more than $12 million to a project that had already raised some eyebrows for its expense. “

And those increases have combined to boost Katy’s stadium project into the lead as the nation’s most expensive at the prep level, ahead of McKinney.

According to Education Week, Katy voters in 2014 approved the stadium as part of a $748 million bond that will pay for new schools for a district of 73,000 students. The new stadium is being built adjacent to the school district’s existing Rhodes Stadium. It is planned to open in time for the 2017 football season. The district will have eight high schools and each will play their football games at the stadium. Soccer will be played there too.

So for now, the $70.3 million stadium stands alone – until, that is, the next high school stadium eclipses it.

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