ASBA Announces Publication of New Running Tracks Manual

The wait is over – ASBA has announced the publication of the 2016 edition of Running Tracks: A Construction and Maintenance Manual.

Copies of the new edition of the book are now available and will cost $44.95 each. Books can be ordered by contacting the Association directly at 866-501-ASBA (2722), or by going to the website, The Running Tracks manual also is available in digital format at the website.

Readers of digital publications may use this link to order the new book.

The 2016 edition includes key updates to many areas of running track design and construction. The manual includes user-friendly technical information on all aspects of running tracks at various levels of competition, such as high school, college and even international events. It walks readers through the processes of design, budgeting and planning, site requirements, drainage, surface selection, construction, maintenance, repair, amenities, accessories and more.

The book also contains a number of appendices meant to provide additional resources for information, calculations, specifications and other useful materials for those involved in constructing track facilities. The end of the manual also features a glossary of terms commonly used in the course of designing and building a track.

In addition, the new track book should be considered the textbook and resource manual to those who are interested in pursuing the ASBA’s voluntary certification program to become a Certified Track Builder.

A panel of track construction experts updated and revised the manual from the previous edition, and it is considered an invaluable resource for anyone planning, building or considering a running track facility, in addition to providing key information on maintenance, repair and renovation. Original drawings will also help illustrate construction, renovation and maintenance methods.

Thanks to all those who worked to write and edit the book, and to make it a success!

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