A New Soccer Facility in NYC? It’s on Its Way

New York won’t just be the mecca of tennis if the New York City FC has its way. According to an article published in Soccer America Daily, the team has announced it will build a new training facility, to be completed in less than two years from now.

The team has purchase 17 acres in Orangeburg, N.Y., just 25 miles north of midtown Manhattan. The proposed 25,000-square-foot complex will house team offices, locker rooms, medical services, a gym, a cafeteria, and other amenities, and a grass surface covering one and half times the area of a regulation soccer field.

NYCFC did not disclose what it paid for the land and has not put a cost on what it will spend on the project.

New York-based architect Rafael Vinoly, designer of training facilities for New York City FC’s sister-clubs Manchester City FC and Melbourne City FC, supervised design of the facility.

“This will be a first-class facility that will have everything we need to prepare for the season,” noted Claudio Reyna, director of football operations Claudio Reyna in an interview. “This will be our permanent home. It’s a big step in the evolution of our soccer club.”

The facility is scheduled to open prior to the start of the 2018 season. NYCFC trains at SUNY Purchase College in Westchester County. The club withdrew from a proposed arrangement with Manhattanville College when local residents opposed it.

The Orangeburg Planning Board approved the proposal in July after the club agreed to help pay for access and infrastructure upgrades.

So – any ASBA members involved in this project? Let us know!

Caption for photo: A rendering of NYCFC’s upcoming facility. Image from the NYCFC website.

URL for image: http://www.nycfc.com/post/2016/10/05/nycfc-announces-plans-new-training-facility

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