A Sunny Outlook Even After the Hurricane, for ASBA’s Technical Meeting

Hurricane Matthew was, all things considered, a rotten houseguest. He waffled as to whether or not he would come ashore, overstayed his welcome and left a mess in his wake. And as the Southeast continues to clean up, many ASBA members may be wondering about the state of Amelia Island, Florida, where the Technical Meeting is to be held.

The good news is that at the beginning of last week, the ASBA staff has received the following communication from the staff at the Omni Amelia Island Plantation:

Sunny greetings from Amelia Island! I appreciate your concern about our recent visitor Matthew. We are  very happy to report all is well at the hotel, there was no damage nor major repairs to fix. A chiller for the AC went offline for 24 hours but is back up and running. The hotel is fully operational as of today, just some clean up from a few big trees and trees limbs.

Thankfully with the new build construction and large natural sand dunes in front of the hotel, the storm surge never got past the beach.

Great news indeed from Florida! If you haven’t yet made your reservations to go to the Technical Meeting, what are you waiting for? The forecast is good and the conditions are great! Go to this link and get started!

We’ll see you in Florida!

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