United States Throws Its Hat into the Ring for the 2021 Rugby League World Cup

If Awarded, it Could Spell Opportunities for Field Construction, Marking at High School, College Level

The U.S. didn’t medal in rugby in the 2016 Olympics. In fact, its rugby scene is still biggest at the college level. But that hasn’t stopped the U.S. from wanting to host it.

According to Inside The Games, the U.S. has officially submitted a bid to bring the Rugby League World Cup to the country for the first time in 2021.

The Rugby League International Federation (RLIF) confirmed the country had launched an attempt at securing the hosting rights for the event in five years’ time.

Leading marketing and event management company Moore Sports International will lead the American bid for the 16th edition of the quadrennial tournament, the RLIF has revealed.

The event, first staged in France in 1954, has never been staged outside of a traditional rugby-league playing country, though the US are now ranked 10th in the world following a rapid development of the sport in America.

The US bid has been boosted by the confirmation from Moore Sports International that they intend to use National Football League (NFL) and Major League Soccer (MLS) stadiums to host matches.

So far, the U.S. is only the second bidder in the war, with England as its opposition.

The sport of rugby has been making aggressive growth movements in the United States. In April, the Professional Rugby Organization (PRO) launched its season in five markets (San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento, Denver and Ohio). CNN called it “the fastest-growing team sport in the country,” and noted that it was pulling in players from various other sports – among them football (!) and gaining market share.

Trivia point: Did you know the last time rugby was featured in the Olympics, the U.S. beat France in the finals? (Neither did we.)

Should the Rugby League World Cup be awarded to the US, it would be the first time that it would be contested outside of continental Europe?

And make no mistake: the sport can bring in some serious spectator action. In fact, the last Rugby League World Cup was held in 2013 in England and Wales before nearly 500,000 fans, with Australia defeating New Zealand in the final. (The next edition of the event is due to be staged in Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea in 2017.)

The World Cup, should it be held here, would also be a boon for contractors, with opportunities for building and marking fields, should schools at the high school and college levels wish to add programs.


Photo courtesy of Professional Rugby Association website, http://www.prorugby.org/2016/05/06/pro-rugby-can-substance-trump-style-in-u-s-sports/

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