The U.S. Open Comes to Town; NYC Braces for Impact

Is there anything that gets a U.S. tennis fan’s heart racing faster than the U.S. Open? Probably not. The Open is running now through September 11, and is set to bring in upsets, breakouts, champions and more. But just how big is it? WalletHub is responsible for these numbers:

713,642: Spectators in 2014. And think about this: they bought food, souvenirs, paid for hotel rooms and more. And a total of…

40 Percent of them were from outside the New York area, meaning they spent even more, leading to an…

$750 Million: Estimated economic impact on the NYC area.

But before you write the U.S. Open off as a big moneymaker, consider this:

7,000: Seasonal jobs that were created by the tournament in 2014

And here’s something that will no doubt gladden the hearts of court contractors everywhere:

$550 Million: Estimated cost of the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center’s renovation (which began in 2013 and will conclude in 2018. – and which includes the new roof on Ashe:)

Three: The total number of rainy days projected during the course of the tournament. In fact, there are some players who look forward to the advantage the new roof will provide them; among these is world number-one Novak Djokovich.

And one fact for our Supplier members:

360: LED lights that will light the roof every night (or whenever darkness dictates.

While any number of ASBA members  will be at the tournament and will be posting updates to social media, you can keep up with ASBA on Facebook here.

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