Beneath The Surface

By: Stefanie Fee, Marketing Specialist, Ecore

The foundation of every mission statement in gyms across America is a commitment to empowering all members to be the best version of themselves while providing quality gym experiences that keep them coming back for more. What is it that allows some gyms to successfully meet these declarations, and others to fail? Customer satisfaction does not only rely heavily on the visible features gyms provide, such as innovative machines, appealing aesthetics, cleanliness, and great customer service. In fact, most membership fulfillment comes from the behind the scenes extra mile that gyms take to support their customers. Customers often overlook such features, even though the impact is remarkably influential on their satisfaction.

Nothing says, ‘We support you, from the soles of your feet to the top of your head,’ more than quality gym surfacing.  It’s pretty easy to make a gym floor look attractive, but it’s what lies beneath the surface that truly matters. When a member is interested in signing up for your gym, they aren’t going to ask questions like, “Can you please share the slip resistant properties of your flooring?” “What is the thickness and critical fall height rating?” “Can you tell me if I’ll be able to clearly hear the fitness instructor and if my knees and back will be sore after I workout?” But, in reality, these details help to form the foundation your mission statement stands on, and should be addressed for your members.  Can a floor do more? Yes.

Investing in quality surfaces that provide safety, good acoustics, and ergonomics is critical. Some sports and fitness flooring manufacturers use state-of-the-art technology that features recycled rubber to achieve this. The result: members can reach their optimal performance, while benefiting from energy return and force reduction characteristics that safely minimize body-to-ground impact, and make the floor more noticeably comfortable underfoot. This high performance surfacing also provides sound and shock absorption, which means that athletes dropping heavy weights in one room will not disrupt the yoga class next door. Safety is another key aspect that is crucial but often overlooked. Fitness floors that feature rubber are slip resistant and provide much more cushion than other surfaces, like wood. When you pair these three things – safety, good acoustics, and ergonomics – along with the given attributes that floors featuring rubber provide – durability, sustainability, ease of installation, ease of maintenance, and slip resistance– it’s really no contest. Sports and fitness floors that feature rubber offer superior performance; and, if installed, your customers will be inspired from the ground up. The best way to support your members begins beneath the surface!

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