ASBA’s Golden Anniversary: You Won’t Want to Miss It!

ASBA hits its golden anniversary this year, and the buzz is growing. Events at the 2015 Technical Meeting, to be held in December in Scottsdale, Arizona, will include some special events and honors – and you won’t want to miss out.

Registration, which is already tracking ahead of last year, is guaranteed to continue increasing – so if you haven’t made your plans yet, don’t miss your chance to do so. Hotel rooms are going fast. All information is available here.

While many of ASBA’s members have been involved in the industry – and with the Association – for years, others have not. Therefore, here are a few trivia points about ASBA’s 50th anniversary:

  • The first-ever meeting of contractors was held in Baltimore, Maryland, and hosted by the Zemco Company. A little more than a dozen people attended.
  • The original name of the organization was the U.S. Tennis Court & Track Builders Association.
  • The first official meeting was held in 1966 in New Orleans, Louisiana at the Royal Orleans Hotel where it drafted bylaws, elected its first slate of officers and began recruiting members.
  • Bob Caldwell was in charge of making legal arrangements and managing the group’s incorporation.
  • One of the first projects at meetings and within committees was to write and publish what were then known as Construction Specifications for tennis courts and running tracks.
  • In 2004, the USTC&TBA renamed itself the American Sports Builders Association (ASBA), in order to reflect the broad scope of work performed by its members.

The Association has evolved, as the industry itself has evolved, seeing the rise of new divisions, the establishment (and eventual overhaul) of the certification program as well as the awards program, an increasing number of publications offered (including those offered digitally) and an active social media presence – something the group’s ‘founding fathers’ could never have envisioned.

Rather than simply having one anniversary commemoration, you can count on seeing a number of fun changes throughout the course of this year’s Technical Meeting to keep the meeting enjoyable and interesting. Don’t get caught in the ‘too busy to attend’ trap because there’s no going back – ASBA won’t be celebrating like this again – or at least not for the next few decades!

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